I like forests and coffee.


Hi, I'm Sandy - Artist, Writer, Giant Kid and medium sized mom.

My work is inspired by my own childhood, my children, and the funny tender world around me. I started drawing when I was very little, making books out of the musty rolls of wallpaper I found in our linen closet. My first book was about a family that tied their dog outside to a post and moved to Florida. When they came back to get him he was waiting loyally in the same spot, and all was forgiven. My work has gotten happier over the years. And as if that dog should forgive, right?

I use a mix of hand drawing, painting, and digital drawing to create pieces that incorporate language and alphabet, that tell stories through words and images. I love doing illustrated maps.

I have a lifelong obsession with French and knew I would one day live in Quebec, even way back when I was making wallpaper books.

I live in Montreal with my husband and our two little kids.  All of my illustrations and products are drawn and printed by hand either in my smoke and pet-free studio or by my printer in Quebec City (the large scale posters).

 I am one also one third of Marché nënë -  a collective of designers and creators from Montreal (and Canada) focusing on the kids' market - we are heading into our fifth annual Montreal show this November, and did our first Toronto show last May. 

I am currently working on a kids book with my editor La Courte Échelle and am prepping for the One of a Kind show in Toronto from November 24-December 4th this winter.

Please have a look around my site and drop me a line. I love getting emails from people stopping by to read here.

**Wholesale inquiries are very welcome! Please contact me, Sandy, at hello(at)moonandsparrow(dot)com to get your paws on our wholesale catalogue. 


This is my Visual Bio, an ongoing personal project - I have been generally adding one image every couple of days (May 2015). Thanks for stopping by and please drop me a line. I love to hear from you. Yes YOU!