(click here to download PDF info sheet on this poster to learn more about these amazing women)

The World Map of Extraordinary Women, 16 x 20, launching at the OOAK Toronto show!


The World Map of Extraordinary Women

Let's show our girls what they can really do - to shake it up! Let's show our kids the Writers, Activists, Artists, Politicians, Space Travellers, Explorers.... the Risers Above, the Samurais and Hugging Saints - who were all WOMEN. I want my daughter (and son!) to know that girls, like boys, can do whatever they want thank you very much.

Want some info on how to get one of these posters up in your school? Drop me a line at hello(at)moonandsparrow(dot) com with title I AM AN EDUCATOR ! (for teachers, principals and librarians). I am developing a worksheet to accompany this map.

I'm at  Cedarvale Marketplace  in Toronto this coming April 22, please come say hello and chat about Awesome Women, or whatever else gets you going.