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The Anatomy of a Father's Heart 12x16 Silkscreen print

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The Father's Heart is a fun and sturdy thing - full of all the good stuff, and obviously a little of the tough. Wrestles, repairs, tickles and junk food - this print says THANK YOU to all dads (or dads to be) by reminding him that the Father's Heart is an exciting playground, a place to find hugs and advice, and that perfect drill bit. Currently available in Soft Black and Navy Blue.

** Buy both Anatomy of a Father's Heart and this Mother's Heart for $60 by going to the TWO HEARTS listing!

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The Anatomy of a Mother's Heart 12x28 Silkscreen print

The Mother's Heart is a complex and beautiful thing - what a beating it can take! Joy, tears, unicorns and muscles - this print says THANK YOU to all moms (or moms to be) by reminding her that while the Mother's Heart is a messy and complicated affair, it is beautiful and simple - just like the print!

Currently available in Teal, Poppy Red, Bright Pink and Warm Grey. 


** Keep an eye open for the Anatomy of a Father's Heart coming March 2017*